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Acrobatics gymnastics includes tumbling, round-offs, hand-stands and hand-springs. It requires balance, agility, flexibility, rhythm, speed and focus. We offer a complete Acro program to assist our students in difficult movements that require floor combinations, abstract poses or contemporary choreography. Below are listed the requirements for each level.

Acrobatics I&II

Acrobatics III&IV

Forward Roll Front Arabian
HandStand Back Arabian
Cartwheel Standing Backhandspring
Round Off Valdez
Bridge One Army Front Walkover
Back Bend Round Off Backhandspring
Kick Over Aeriel
One Arm Cartwheel Front Aerial
Back Walkover One Arm Valdez
Front Limber Back Tuck
Front Walkover Layout
Front Handspring  
Chin Stand  
Chest Roll  



Ms. Shannon

Acro Gymnastics & Cheerdance