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Andrew Guilfoil


Andrew Guilfoil

Ballet Master, Co-Founder & Co-Artistic Director

Andrew Guilfoil is an accomplished artist, dancer and teacher. He brings over 30 years of professional dance education, performance and teaching to L’Academie of Dance. He has taught professional ballet in Pinellas and Hillsborough since 2002. Andrew was the only protégé of Alexander Bennett of the Royal Ballet. Andrew was principal dancer for the Scottish American Ballet for 6 years following with 15 years as an international soloist, teacher and choreographer. Andrew brings integrity, artistry, passion and technique into every class. Many of his former students have been accepted to world renowned schools and companies for advanced studies and training.

Why Us?

It is our passion, experience and dedication to every student. In a professional, state of the art studio. With a staff of skilled, caring Professionals.

L'Academie of Dance was created to give ALL students the highest quality classes available so if they choose later to apply what they have learned in a professional manner they have been given the correct tools to do so.

We provide a solid foundation of professional dance instruction which is based in classical ballet. Our dance program includes positive feed back, assesment, placement, coaching, performance and competition in a nuturing, caring and positive environment.

Every student is important to us! We work as a team to provide classes that are age appropriate, challenging, positive and goal oriented. Our focus is developing technique, artistry, confidence and happy dancers who excel in life.​

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