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Aneta Del Guidice


Aneta Del Guidice

Boxing, Tap & Jazz Instructor

Background: Professional dancer and dance instructor and former owner of Aneta Del Guidice Dance Academy, Broadway and Tap Dance Institute in Puerto Rico. Born in San Juan where her ballet training started at age 3. During her early years of training, she performed in roles with the Ballet Municipal de PR. Fiesta Fantastica, Flamenco, and Santaella Shows. After moving to Miami as a teen, she danced in The Violins, Fountain Bleu with Alvarez Guedes Variety Comedy Shows, and the Carla Costa Cruise Lines. She attended Virginian Intermont College, where she performed in both classical ballet roles and Burlesque Musical Plays under the direction of Constance Harding, Antonio Pantojas, and Adrian Garcia. After completing college with a degree in Ballet Dance education in 1987 Aneta relocated to Chicago to focus her learning Fosse, Gus Giordano and Luigi. In 1992 Aneta wrote comedic musical plays in Puerto Rico and started doing choreography for TV Commercials, Chicago Chorus Line, The Nun and The Cat, Three Dancing Chics, and Mis Panas Los Angeles. Aneta became a Fitness Trainer in 1996 creating a unique technique mixing dance and rhythmic techniques with boxing for the Puerto Rican boxing team. Aneta is an accomplished dancer of many genres, an excellent choreographer, certified fitness trainer, and Aqua Fitness trainer.

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It is our passion, experience and dedication to every student. In a professional, state of the art studio. With a staff of skilled, caring Professionals.

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L'Academie of Dance was created to give ALL students the highest quality classes available so if they choose later to apply what they have learned in a professional manner they have been given the correct tools to do so.

We provide a solid foundation of professional dance instruction which is based in classical ballet. Our dance program includes positive feed back, assesment, placement, coaching, performance and competition in a nuturing, caring and positive environment.

Every student is important to us! We work as a team to provide classes that are age appropriate, challenging, positive and goal oriented. Our focus is developing technique, artistry, confidence and happy dancers who excel in life.‚Äč

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