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Indian folkloric

Indian Folkloric

Folk dances, an integral part of the Indian social milieu, has undoubtedly added richness to the cultural canvas India. India is a home to numerous folk dances. Indian folk dance form is a primitive, tribal or ethnic form of dance, at times essential for the survival of certain ancient ceremony or festival. These forms of dances are mostly group dances immensely popular among all classes. Hence, generally folk dancing is viewed as more of a social concern activity rather than a competitive one. Most of the costumes worn for folk dances are colorful with extensive jewels and designs. The folk dances of India are performed with extremely simple and minimum steps or movement and full of energy and vitality. Folk dances are the rural extensions of the larger Indian population, for example, Bhangra of Punjab, garba of Gujarat, Kavadi Aattam of Tamil Nadu, Lavani of Maharashtra, Dollu Kunitha from Karnataka.

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    Ms. Zoe

    Indian Folkloric Istructor