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Adult Ballet

Adult Ballet

L’Academie of Dance offers classical ballet classes to adults. Our adult classes focus on building core strength, balance, alignment, flexibility, grace and agility through the basic exercises of ballet. The adult ballet class is open to both the absolute beginner and those who may have studied dance previously.

Adult ballet is quickly becoming a very popular workout in the world of fitness. Due to the many amazing benefits which are often seen in only those who have studied and danced through out their lives. While ballet offers a full body workout it also assists in an individual sense of grace, poise, posture and artistry. Ballet is not easily performed, much care is needed in understanding and performing the basic exercises which develop core strength, joint mobility, flexibility and injury free participation.

As a former professional dancer and teacher of classical ballet I highly recommend that you participate in a study of ballet taught by a qualified ballet instructor and not by a fitness coach with no understanding or background in classical ballet studies. Although there are many new fitness classes offering “ballet barre” or “ballet workout” these classes rarely have any real ballet technique. To isolate and pick only one aspect of a movement to be used in an aerobic class does not constitute an understanding of ballet technique and can often lead to muscular fatigue or injury.

The adult ballet class is structured like all other ballet classes except we spend more time at the barre developing the foundational movements of classical ballet. These include a study and break down of plies, tendus, dégagés, rond de jambe, fondu with developpes, port de bras, gentle stretching, petite battements and grande battements. Center work is a combination of core strengthening, stretching and gentle adagio combinations to assist in joint mobility, range of motion and graceful fluid movement. Allegro (quick brisk lively movements) is chosen according to the level and ability of the individual and class and may not be performed in the adult ballet classes. However, often the class will include petite allegro movements in a simplified format with a focus on and individual step such as a glissade or pas de chat.

We Invite anyone who has an interest or desire to try a class for free. We offer both a per class rate and a discounted dance class card for our adult students.



Svetlana datseva

Ballet Mistress & Artistic Director