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Scholarship Opportunity

Dance Scholarship Program

​As a commitment to our community L’Academie of Dance will offer a scholarship program to young aspiring artists. The scholarship program offers a variety of financial support towards tuition and fees to dancers who qualify for our dance study program. Scholarship awards are based upon individual need, ability, accomplishment, talent and recommendation. Once we have filled the available positions remaining applicants may be referred to the next open term or held on a waiting list until we have an opening. However you must complete the audition process in order to be considered.

We gladly review new students for consideration into the dance study scholarship program by the process of a completed application and an audition class with the Artistic Director. This does not guarantee placement or an award of scholarship benefits.

Student’s who receive a scholarship award must follow and abide by the set scholarship requirements. Scholarship Requirements can be viewed at the time of your audition class.

Our Dance Scholarship Program includes a full dance and movement study program that includes training, performance, competition and individual assessment. Our program is based in technique, artistry and foundational development of strong technically brilliant dancers who are well adapted in classical ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical/contemporary, acrobatics and hip-hop. Each recipient is required to maintain a full schedule of classes and rehearsals. Dancer’s do not select classes they are placed into, each dancer will be placed in an age appropriate level of study. We do not separate our scholarship students nor do we share confidential information to other students. All students are treated equally and seen as individuals. Student’s that have dropped their commitment to the program may not be considered for future scholarship awards.

We are currently offering a weekly audition class to new applicants. We encourage you to arrive 15 minutes before class, prepared to take a ballet class in proper attire to include: A black leotard and pink tights with ballet shoes, hair in a bun for girl’s and a white t-shirt and black tights or jazz pants for boy’s.

Scholarship Applicants will be asked to attend and participate in a select Ballet Technique Class.